Analysis of a simple rowan bonsai

24th June 2015 - 1 minute read

This is one of my favourite trees for its very simplicity, but lets analyse a bit more deeply:It has a good root spread with a classic cartwheel shape as the roots spread like spokes.

  • The trunk tapers elegantly but still retains a strength due to it being perfectly straight.
  • The few leaves (in the case of rowan these are divided leaflets) spread to give the illusion f a crown, broken up into separate clouds
  • The small twig from lower down gives a sense of scale to the larger leaves above, really adding to the feel of a very tall tree (its only 25cm tall)
  • The tones of the pot are reflected in the leaves and the straight lines of the trunk picked up by the rectangular shape
  • The colours of the rowan in autumn are incredible, second only to my maples and spindles

Some people pass over this tree very quickly, lingering instead on the big pines and showy blossom of other trees, but for me this is a real gem and I can tell a someone who really understands Bonsai when they pause in front of this one.

Rowan 25cm tall in Walsall Studio pot

Rowan 25cm tall in Walsall Studio pot

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