Exmouth Bonsai Show 2015

8th June 2015 - 1 minute read

Went to a lovely local show at the weekend down on Exmouth seafront, so good to be able to leave the family on the beach in the sun whilst I popped into the show for a coupe of hours to look round, pick up a few pots and chat to some old friends. Well done to all the clubs, especially to Exeter for setting it up.


For me this was the Best in Show. An good match in texture between the pot and the bark with the tones replicated in the colours as well, something that is often missed at shows of this level and really, really hard to get as spot on as this combination. The flowers are eye-catching without being to showy, leaving the overall effect akin to an Ascot hat worn at a jaunty angle. Finally the use of a tall table for such a weighty trunk and pot was brave but when viewed from a distance it did not give an impression of instability. Well done

IMG_0151              IMG_0150

I am just a tiny bit embarrassed that I can’t identify the species…

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