A good bonsai starts with a healthy tree. Many bonsai are from non-native species which are not always well suited to the British weather. That is why we only offer native and naturalised species that thrive in our climate.

Raw Bonsai’s trees are wild trees with natural origins, shaped by the elements often clinging on the very brink of survival. Once they have been found and the potential recognised they are carefully collected returned to the nursery and nurtured to full health.

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Whilst in our care we shape the tree to enhance the natural form suggested by nature.

We know from experience that the hardest step for many bonsai enthusiasts is making that first styling decision. Nature has made that step already and helped on the way by Raw Bonsai. The tree will be ready for the next stage in development.

What you get is a healthy raw bonsai tree that needs care and skill to develop it to maximise its latent potential.

Dedicated. Passionate. Knowledgeable.

The founder of Raw Bonsai is a qualified forester who grows full sized trees in his 'day job’, tending and caring for them as they develop from the smallest seedlings into mighty stems. He applies this knowledge to cut through some of the mumbo-jumbo that has built up in the bonsai community and simply focuses on growing healthy trees. He has been growing bonsai for over a decade, developing his skills rapidly and now sells to clients nationwide